Dr. Kirk Wersland


Bachelors of Science in Human Biology – University of Utah, 1997

Doctorate of Chiropractic – Palmer College of Chiropractic West, 2001

What our patients love about Dr.Wersland

Dr. Wersland instantly becomes friends with everyone he meets! Known as “the short buff one”, he is an exercise and health nut that easily connects with athletes and fitness enthusiasts. All of his patients appreciate his genuine care and concern for their well being and value his knowledge and advice.

Random Facts

Dr. Wersland has earned the nickname “Worker Kirk” and is addicted to cookie dough.

Back to School: Healthy Habits for Happy Kids

Back to School: Healthy Habits for Happy Kids

Preparing kids to go back to school can be overwhelming. Whether it’s their first day of kindergarten or their senior year of high school, it never gets easier. Just like any new beginning, the school year is the perfect time to create some healthy habits and routines that can help kids (and parents) have a successful and happy school year. Here are some of our favorite healthy habits.