The Integrated 6: Finally, a program designed for true health

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26-Days, 6 Incredible Results

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The Integrated 6 Program Includes:

26-Day Nutrition Plan

Integrated six personalized 26 day nutrition plan

A simple, whole food plan designed to repair the gut, identify food sensitivities and give you maximum results.

  • Enjoy real food without counting calories
  • Free recipe book
  • Accountability calendars
  • Easy to use shopping list

3 Advanced Therapeutic Treatments

Integrated Six Massage Therapy and Advanced Treatments

We take this program to the next level with these advanced treatments:

  • UBI (Ultraviolet Blood Irradiation) to boost the immune system and promote detoxification.
  • Antioxidant Therapy to neutralize toxins and promote cell repair.
  • Therapeutic Lymphatic Massage- a one hour treatment to flush out toxins and promote relaxation and recovery.

Weekly Personal Training and custom fitness program

Integrated Six Custom Fitness Program With Personal Trainer

Meet weekly with your personal trainer for a 45 minute session then receive additional at-home workouts customized just for you.

  • Adaptable to any fitness level
  • Designed to increase strength, build lean muscle, shape and tone
  • Low impact and convenient

Stress Management

Integrated Six Yoga and Stress Management
Chances are you underestimate the impact stress is having on your health. There is no separation between mind, body and spirit and true healing begins when we find balance. Your program includes:

  • Guided meditation to teach mindfulness and skills to reduce everyday stress
  • Weekly yoga classes to promote relaxation, improve sleep quality and more

26 Days, 6 Incredible Results

All for Just $399

Reserve an appointment with a wellness coach and get all your questions answered.

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