What you need to know about Joint Pain

Is Joint Pain Normal?

Millions of Americans suffer from joint pain every day. This doesn’t mean it’s normal, or that you just have to suffer through it. Some relief can be found in every drugstore. Advil and Tylenol are but a short term solution for treating the symptom; they don’t address the underlying cause. At Integrated Wellness Bountiful, we believe you shouldn’t have to suffer from joint pain. We begin by figuring out why you are suffering. With this approach, we can find a better and lasting solution to the problem.

What Causes Joint Pain?

It can be linked to four things:

  1. A recent injury
  2. An old injury that never healed properly
  3. Inappropriate loads or movement in the joint
  4. Biochemical imbalances or chronic inflammation in the joint

What is the Treatment for Joint Pain?

Treatment plans can include: physical therapy, chiropractic, advanced joint and trigger point injections, dietary guidance, supplementation, lifestyle modifications, fitness protocols, home exercises, and much more. A plan will be customized specifically for you.*

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Results matter, don’t take it from us. Here are a few of our patient’s results:

“Integrated Wellness has changed my life with their regenerative medicine therapies.  Now I’m pain-free and still dominating the basketball court.”- Thurl Bailey 

“Dr. Kirk Wersland and his team at Integrated Wellness are outstanding.  They’ve helped me with stem cell and PRP treatment for my knees now I’m completely pain-free.  Best of all, they listen and work with you to determine the best treatment that fits your needs!” – Craig Bolerjack

*Individual results will vary and may not be typical. The information on this page is not intended to guarantee that anyone will achieve the same or similar results.